Co-curricular Activities

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Sports form an important part of our curriculum. We endeavor to ensure that students enjoy physical activity. We have Inter-House competitions in athletics, basketball, rounders, soccer, netball, rugby and, swimming.


We endeavor to champion an environment that molds cohorts of all-rounded students. In this regard, therefore, clubs, society and houses are an important part of our school. Various Patrons help students to explore and discover life interests, passions and potentials. Some of the clubs we have are: Environment and sanitation, Wildlife, Scouts, Science and Mathematics, Drama and Music and, Debate and Mjadala

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We have four Houses: Kilimanjaro-Red, Everest-Blue, Ruwenzori- Black, Elgon - Yellow

School Trips

Our students have the opportunity of attending a number of educational trips during the term. This affords the luxury to travel, discover and learn outside the four walls of their classrooms. This is always communicated to the parents well in advance.